Personalized Wine Kits

The new personal innovative winemaking system  of DIY wine is here and we’re offering the true wine making experience. Just pick your favourite wine kit, take it home, follow instructions to add ingredients at the right time and voila – in just days you have made your own wine. The Wine Nerd’s best friend is here and it couldn’t be easier. 

One kit gives you 30 bottles of wine, with all included: grape juice, yeast and ingredients to make your own wine at home. Choose from: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Pink Wines, Niagara Mist and many more wine styles right here in St Catharines Niagara region.

DIY Home Brew Wine Kits

We Use ESIL Water in All Our Products

When we began this business we wanted the best quality products for our customers and the most important ingredient to any winery or brewery is the valuable contributions of high quality water. We collaborated with ESIL water dealer Richochet Water to conduct an experiment using ESIL water in our craft brewery and our wine fermentation process. The results were outstanding because ESIL water filtered out heavy metals, organics, cyanide, aluminum, lead and other impurities. 

We brewed six batches using ESIL water for three batches and NSA aproved water for the other three batches. The results are fermentation was more rapid, ESIL water boiled quicker, the alcohol content was higher by 0.5% and the taste was cleaner with a smoother finish to the beer. 

Our quality is unmatched by any other wine making or beer making store in the Niagara region with out enhanced water purification systems and high quality ingredients.

Read more about our test results or contact us at 905-938-2582 or drop in at 19 Secord Drive, St. Catharines and make your own wine or beer with us.

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