Light red wines

Our selections of light red wines from international vineyards. Selections include Chilean, California and New Zealand wine juices. Handcrafted and made locally with ESIL purified water. Our quality line of light reds made with rich berries and fine grapes are sure to please even wine snobs. One order makes 30 bottles, or take it home with wine pouches or Wine In A Box. 

“Tasty red wines, made in our winery.”

It is an incredible experience making your own wine. The process of making fresh wines locally allows for less chemicals and fewer headaches. Usually an order is ready for bottling in 4 to 6 weeks, or some require 8 weeks. Our new packaging Wine in a Box makes packing it all home - a lot easier and environmentally friendly.
Niagara Brew Red Wines


A very popular nouveau style, bright cherry and Gamay grapes that are consumed young. Served slightly chilled and enjoyable anytime of the year.  

Coastal Red

A Vintners Reserve popular smooth balanced blend, aromatic red, with cherry notes, rounded mouth-feel perfect for parties and ages well.

California Pinot Noir

An intense, ripe grape and black cherry, spiced with cinnamon and mint, medium-full bodied, rich balanced tannin, soft, velvety silk textures.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

So delicate with aromas of red fruit cherry, strawberry, raspberry and violet. Silky tannins end with a velvet smooth finish and toasty vanilla and spice aftertaste.

Chilean Pinot Noir

A bright ruby colour with rich red berry flavour, soft tannins, oak finish, great with salmon, beef and lamb

Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir

Our Eclipse line, a rich, silky wine with blends of toast, herbs, truffles, black cherry raspberry with a hint of black spice. Earthy yet well balanced.

Also Offered

We also offer in our Light Red selections of: Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir, Valroza and more Pinot Noir wines. Ask about them in our store